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We believe that all communities across Merseyside have the right to be free from violence in order to provide the best life chances for all.

Connecting with our Navigators

Staff from the Northern Ireland equivalent of our A&E programme in three Liverpool hospitals, hailed a visit to Alder Hey as, “simply fantastic.”

During a fact-finding tour that included learning about Navigators, the Education Authority attended the Innovation Hub, the dedicated Bereavement Centre plus of course, Casualty, at the children’s hospital.

And they marvelled at its facilities and spacious design.

Their Connectors programme also provides youth advocates for young people presenting with injuries and is new to hospitals in Derry and Dundonald. This initiative is joint funded by the Justice and Education departments of the Northern Ireland Executive.

And whilst one major issue they tackle may appear very different to problems here – it is just a question of semantics and names, as it involves the luring of young people into gangs.

“Paramilitary organisations still hold great sway in Northern Ireland, though they often use this as a front to exploit young people and involve them criminal activity.

That is why our valued visitors took such an interest in the Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership’s (MVRP) programmes designed to divert young people away from toxic influences.

The three-day stay also saw half of their team go to schools to see Merseyside schemes, plus a meeting with the MVRP to learn about all areas of our work.

The MVRP is about to commence some campaigning work with our colleagues in Greater Manchester on a new Street Doctors App, whilst colleagues at Lancashire are meeting with us shortly to discuss joint working.

Geraldine O’Driscoll, Temporary Director for the MVRP said: “We are really positive about partnership working and were so grateful for the learning we received from Northern Ireland.”    

The Navigators programme in Merseyside is delivered by the Merseyside Youth Association RAISE Team and is funded by MVRP.


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