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We believe that all communities across Merseyside have the right to be free from violence in order to provide the best life chances for all.

Evaluation finds Units reduce crimes

The Home Office has issued an assessment of Violence Reduction Units (VRUs), estimating that they have prevented “136,000 violent offences”

Covering the 18 areas of England and Wales where VRUs are now operating, the report coincides with the new Serious Violence Duty, which has come into force and places a legal duty on public bodies to work together to drive down serious violence.

Policing Minister Chris Philp said: “These are outstanding results. Early interventions, which support at-risk kids to make the right choices in life, are helping to keep our communities and streets safer. Serious violence is a complex issue, which is why we are putting multi-agency working at the centre of our approach.

Violence Reduction Units, hotspot patrols and the recruitment of 20,000 additional police officers will see every community become a safe and prosperous place to live.”

Not all VRUs go under that specific banner, and our decision to call our organisation “The Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership” is indicative of our desire to work with other agencies to make communities safer and healthier.

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