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Some sections of the media are making it impossible for prisoner’s children to move on – because they print their full names and addresses.

That is the view of young artist Bella who believes that everybody knows her business and has even been bullied because her dad is doing time.

But she has at least found an outlet for her feelings in creating works of art now proudly displayed on the Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership’s office walls.

Both of Bella’s contributions feature the bars of a jail cell, with one mounted on newspaper, to make her pivotal point.

Bella and others like her have been part of a Time Matters UK programme working with Lisa Marsland (pictured), a clinical psychologist who also has a passion – and a degree in – art.

“The pictures painted reveal a lot about the personality of the young people” said Dr Lorna Brookes founder of Time Matters UK, “we have the trauma of prison of course, but also young people who are transitioning. The classes have run at weekends and have covered all forms of art from acrylics to mask making. The young people have developed an interest in art and know, for example, that pastels are great for expressing feelings, which is why we presented them with art boxes with paint and chalk etc. when they left.”

The creative acts on canvass were going to go on display at the John Lennon School of Art and Design, but sadly lockdown arrived two days into the course! “We will just have to try again” said Lorna, “but at least we had an online exhibition, took the young people to The Tate and went out for a meal.”

And imagine how good the MVRP we feel that John Lennon’s loss is our gain!


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