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Running free, no more tumbling down

Some see them as a sport, others a performing art, but the disciplines taught at the Airborne Academy in Liverpool are helping young people hurdle any obstacle.

Thanks to funding from the Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership (MVRP), Friday nights now hit the heights for 8-22-year-olds as they do a mixture of ariel silks, free running, trampolining, cheerleading and parkour. There’s no room for clowning around either – even when they are learning juggling and other circus skills!

Airborne were born around a dining room table back in 2012. Now it runs daily sessions, including for children on the autistic spectrum. There are even gym classes for toddlers at the weekend.

Those who excel, such as Reuben, have the chance of becoming trainers themselves, which is a powerful incentive plus fabulous work experience says Head of the MVRP, Detective Superintendent Siobhan Gainer. “Airborne have really tuned-in to pursuits that young people like. Watching them tumble, twirl and climb is pretty spectacular. That takes physical strength and fitness of course, but also concentration, coordination, and dedication. Those are the skills employers are looking for, and how encouraging that they become mentors to other young people, too.”

So popular has the Airborne Academy proved, that it has become a vaunted location for filmmakers and TV stunt coordinators. Get yourself airborn, by visiting


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