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Treat as fun not fear – that’s the trick

Imagine the horror of opening your door to a young person dressed as the masked maniac from the movie, Scream.

And yet that is what some very vulnerable people have experienced – and then developed a fear of Halloween trick or treating.

Plus, those who take part in the big door knock, have been victims of abuse and even violence.

Making sure children are accompanied by an adult is one of the ways of avoiding this nightmare scenario. Also thinking about what people see first when they open the door helps – as does respecting neighbours who don’t want to answer and join in. You could do the latter by only wrapping on the doors of houses with Halloween decorations.  

“Halloween should be a fun and safe occasion” said Detective Superintendent Siobhan Gainer, Head of the Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership, “it should never be a time where people feel truly fearful or are harmed in any way. A few small precautions might make a huge difference and ensure people enjoy a happy Halloween.”

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