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This includes projects in primary, secondary, further education and alternative education settings.

As well as the wide-ranging projects detailed below, we also work with Merseyside Police’s Safer School Officers to deliver presentations on child criminal exploitation and arson.

We also hope to encourage and inspire educators by providing information through our Resources page.

Three boys in school uniform in a classroom
Young girl in fire uniform with Chief Fire Officer Phil Garrigan

Working with Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service (MFRS), this six-week alternative educational and skills course is delivered to primary school children who are identified by their schools as needing additional support with their personal, social and educational development.

Using a trauma-informed approach, this intervention aims to improve school attendance, while reducing the number of those excluded from mainstream education.

Beacon has recently run its 200th ‘passing out’ presentation – read about it here.

Working with Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service (MFRS), Merseyside Police and the North West Ambulance Service, this MVRP-funded project works with primary school children to keep them safe and away from risk in their communities.

This six-week course aims to strengthen their protection factors, building self-esteem, self-confidence and self-control, while also breaking down any barriers with bluelight services.

Read more about our Fire Champions programme

Large group of young people

This secondary school project delivered by the Merseyside Youth Association is a peer-to-peer leadership and bystander programme which allows young people to discuss a range of social issues and gives them the tools to challenge the behaviour, language and mindsets that can act as a trigger for crime.

This programme also supports a whole school approach to early intervention and prevention to bullying, harassment and risky behaviours, empowering pupils to identify and communicate concerns with peers and school staff.

Read more about our Mentors in Violence Prevention programme

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Introducing the Mentors in Violence Prevention programme

This Fund is focused on giving young people in the areas which have seen the highest levels of violence and the biggest cuts to youth services access to better opportunities to prevent them getting involved in trouble.

By investing in our young people, we are focused on giving them safe, positive, fun opportunities which help them to unlock their full potential.

Arts | Culture | Sport Fund

Find out more about this fund

Young man in martial arts uniform holding a certificate

“Are you onside?” is a bystander intervention programme delivered across Merseyside by Healthy Stadia CIC which equips community sports coaches and other staff with the knowledge and skills to address misogyny and sexism in sport and wider society.

The training engages participants to recognise the root causes of violence and abuse, such as gender inequality and harmful masculinities which objectify and de-humanise women.

The evidence-led bystander intervention programme comprises 6-hours of training delivered across three separate sessions and informs and equips people working in football and sports to be ‘active bystanders’ and positive role models who can intervene safely and effectively when they witness unacceptable behaviour including sexist jokes or demeaning “locker-room” banter.

Being an active bystander means being aware of when someone’s behaviour is inappropriate or threatening and choosing to challenge it. If you do not feel comfortable doing this directly, then get someone to help you such as a friend or someone in authority.

Healthy Stadia CIC has delivered bystander training to community sports organisations across Merseyside including Liverpool County FA, Tranmere Rovers Community Trust, LFC Foundation and Everton in the Community. “Are you onside?” will be delivered to other sport organisations in 2024.

Boxall assessment tool graphic

We are working to train educators through the Boxall assessment tool which helps professionals to assess the emotional and behavioural development of pupils, identify those who need support and provide practical strategies and techniques to use.

Find out more about the Boxhall tool.

Classroom of children undertaking a drama session to learn about grassing and grooming

Delivered by education charity The Ariel Trust, this package gives children the chance to practice skills that they can use to resist grooming by criminal gangs. 

The project helps young people to develop skills they can use to get support should they get caught up in inappropriate relationships.

Drama workshops used to help primary school pupils to protect themselves from exploitation and online abuse

Delivered by Afta Thought, this rolling project of interactive drama sessions in colleges and sixth form schools addresses the issue of violence against women and girls.

The project aims to examine the drivers that can impact boys’ perspective of women and girls from an early age. It looks at societal expectation on boys, traditional male stereotypes and the pressures experienced by boys to match up to these characteristics. The project aims to create a safe space to have conversations about traits of masculinity and its negative effect on both heterosexual and LGBTQI+ students. The sessions challenge both male, female, and non-binary stereotypes and promote respect, equality, inclusion, and self-acceptance.

Useful resources for educators: