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Our strategy was refreshed in 2022 and runs until 2025. It sets out our priorities, delivery plan and commitment for the next three years.

It draws on our learning and evaluation and tells a story about our approach to tackling violence and how we work with partners to deliver policies and practice, focused on acting early and quickly to prevent serious violence, all backed up by research and evaluation.

We work across all five areas of Merseyside – Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton, St Helens, Wirral – using insight to inform where our work is delivered.

It demonstrates how we work closely with young people, parents, youth practitioners, teachers, health professionals and the police to champion families, youth work and inclusive education.

Graphic featuring map of Merseyside


Through primary, secondary and tertiary interventions, we will focus our investment and opportunities to bring the greatest benefits, driving long-term change and building community resilience across Merseyside.

Concentrating on these areas and with a focus on community and place-based work, we can ensure our activity is occurring in the right places.

Graphic of MVRP's interventions

Our model for change

Theory of change

The theory of change explains the processes and mechanisms that will occur as a result of our three-year Strategy. 

Engagement with local partners has been a crucial element in the development of the MVRP. 

Consulting with partners to understand their research and objectives, map initiatives, and coordinate our work has been a priority. 

We consistently work towards our strategic priorities to achieve Our Objectives and aspirations.

Read our Strategy

Use the link below to view or download our Strategy 2022-25. Alternatively, take a look at our Plan on a Page.

Graphic of MVRP's strategy